Paul Fegan
Director / Producer / Co-Writer

Paul Fegan makes his feature-length film debut with Where You’re Meant To Be, his first and only short film was the multi-award winning short documentary Pouters. Paul has spent most of his career as a music promoter, co-creating music events such as the Triptych festival. It was here that he met musician Aidan Moffat having previously worked with his band Arab Strap. Paul has also directed music videos, including Belle & Sebastian’s Come on Sister and Aidan Moffat and Bill Wells’ The Copper Top. Shortly after filming The Copper Top, Aidan approached Paul about an idea he had to rewrite old Scottish songs and tour them throughout Scotland. This was where the idea for Where You’re Meant To Be began.

David Arthur
Co-Writer / Editor

David Arthur is a film editor with a background in drama, documentaries and music videos. His credits include God Help the Girl, Swung and Imagine (BBC). Dave had worked previously with Paul on Pouters and they continued their close collaboration on Where You’re Meant to Be: with Dave involved at the research phase, during shooting and – after Sheila Stewart’s sad passing – helping to shape the final film. An Aidan Moffat fan from way back, he once cut a fan-video of Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca synched up to Moffat singing. So for Dave working on Where You’re Meant to Be was both a dream project and a labour of love.

Julian Swantiz

Julian Schwanitz is a BAFTA and IDA winning cinematographer and filmmaker. His short film Kirkcaldy Man won countless awards but it was his cinematography on the 2013 documentary Pablo’s Winter that brought Paul and Julian together to work on Where You’re Meant To Be. The shooting period was fairly sporadic lasting around fifteen months aside from the tour which took place over three weeks. During that period Julian and Paul traveled all over Scotland aiming to capture characters and locations that reflected the unfolding story at the center of the film.